Monday, 29 April 2013

The Good Kind of Exhaustion

Wing Walker Jane Wicker is a favourite at the Base Borden Air Show. I haven't seen any dates for this summer's event yet, but if you live in the area, consider checking it out.
These pics were taken June, 2012.
Some days, I feel on top of the world, like wing walker Jane Wicker, above, who graces us with her awesome, death-defying aerobic manoeuvres at the Base Borden Air Show and who gives me a chance to use my awesome telephoto lens. Well, maybe not exactly like Jane Wicker, because my preference is to stay grounded - as in, on the ground. Or, if I must be in the sky, then at least on a seat in an enclosed passenger jet.

Today, I feel exhausted. In all likelihood it has something to do with ramping up the workouts over the past week. I looked at my workout journal and counted five. Five workouts last week, Monday through Saturday, from cardio to TRX strength to boot camp. Tuesday and Sunday were the days off. And I still haven't managed to add more yoga into the schedule. But it's been fun having my new partner accompany me to some classes. Way to go daughter! We can share in the "good exhaustion" feeling!

About one month and a half before the Mec Con mud run and the Alliston Summer Solstice run. Almost signed up for the Barrie half marathon on Father's Day (husband actually didn't care if I was going to do it or not) but listened to the wise words of my iron woman friend and nurse Janate who dug deep into her memory bank to recall how she felt after the mud run last year (actually she didn't have to dig deep; the painful memory was lying just under the surface): "I was really sore all over the day after that event," she said. "You may want to re-consider running a half marathon the next day. You may not enjoy it." She's probably right. If Iron Woman felt pain, I will probably be immobile. Maybe I'll book a massage therapy treatment for myself instead. On Father's Day. Ha.

So I am still searching for a half to do before the usual fall events. Just one. I see Huntsville has one on June 8, and that's a nice area, up in Muskoka. "Cottage Country" as we call it around here. Ideally, I would like to have a cottage to go to afterwards. With a sauna, and a hot tub, and maybe a massage therapist on hand, or a cabana boy. (Actually heard about some women who ran an ad for a cabana boy for a girls' weekend away. He had to agree to sign a 'non-disclosure' agreement. As in "what happens at the girls' weekend away STAYS at the girls' weekend away. No hanky-panky allowed either. I wonder how that worked out for them.) Oh to dream. (Post Update: Found one! MEC Barrie Race Three! June 1, Innisfil. Half marathon, 10K or 5K. This is great, since I just realized the Huntsville race unfortunately falls on the same day as the second run in the 5 Peaks trail series. I need a secretary.)

Maybe I'll just stick to training for the trail runs this spring/summer. A bunch of us are on a team this year for the 5 Peaks and we start training together in a couple of weeks, which is great, because I am too chicken to trail train by myself. Last time I did it, all I could think about was the local news article on the peeping tom the police were trying to track down in the neighbourhood. Not a common occurrence around here, comprised as it is with mostly small towns, hamlets, and farm land. So as much as the woods were lovely, my suspicious "I-am-watching-way-too-many-X-File- re-runs" mind couldn't help but think, "I wonder where Mr. P. Tom hides out during the day?"

Meanwhile, it's off to spin and core classes galore. I wonder what Jane Wicker does to prep herself for wing walking. I wonder what she felt like the first time she decided to give it a go? Can you imagine if it was during an argument with her partner? "Screw you! I'm going for a wing walk!"

The next workout at Thrive Fitness. And when we get really good, we will climb between the wings with no safety line, just like Jane Wicker! (*All in jest, new Thrive members, all in jest.*)
I wonder when Thrive Fitness will have exhausted all of their killer workout routines to the point where they add wing walking to the menu? I can just hear our boot camp/core coach, Steve: "And now for something completely different, a plank on top of this here 450HP Stearman. It's our latest piece of equipment. You'll LOVE it! Who wants to go first?"

Enjoy your day. May you feel like you are soaring into the wind, strong and happy to be alive. And may your landing find you feeling pleasantly exhausted, with dinner and a glass of wine waiting in the wings.

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