Saturday, 6 April 2013

Mom/Daughter Training Begins!

I think I'm going to start posting more photos and less words on the weekends. I still haven't dealt with my Mac computer, which needs replacing, so my 12,000 + photos are still stuck in the hard drive. Meanwhile whatever we take and load onto this non-Mac computer that I am temporarily using will just have to suffice.  And there is no photo program so I can't even tinker with cropping or colour enhancing. Drives me a little mad!

Today my daughter and I ran 4K while the 10-year-old son happily cycled around us, just  mildly driving his sister crazy when he crossed in front of her a couple of times. I put him to work taking these pics for us though - not a bad job! Weather was about +5 C so pleasant for running, and at least the sun was shining! If I was training for a marathon with some of my other friends we would have been up to about 26 - 28K today. I must admit I am not missing that, but still hope to sign up for a spring half marathon. We did a couple of speed drills too. All in all an easy-does-it kind of start to training, but that's OK. Weather next week is supposed to be spectacular, with a +20C prediction by Wednesday.

Bring on the spring training!

Below: A great motivational phrase. It's a Nike Training Club ad that's been front and centre on my magnetic board in my office for a very long time.

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