Saturday, 13 April 2013

Computer Shopping, Back Soon.

Computer shopping this week so blog post opportunities have been limited. Hope to be up and running on a regular basis again within the week.

Daughter and I continue to train for Mec Com Blue. She got her run in this morning while I dutifully watched son play soccer. Will have to get run in tomorrow. Also want to add more strength training to weekly regime, so I have half a chance of actually scaling some of these obstacles they throw in our path at this event!

And yoga - gotta get back to that. Speaking of which, heard there is a new yoga apparel shop in Barrie on Bryne Drive! Anyone who is interested, it is near Scholar's Choice, Holly's Sweets & Eats and Red Tulip area. Will give you an update if I go next week.

But computer upgrade is main priority at the moment. Gotta post this before battery runs out on the iPad. The 10 year old drained it playing games again!

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