Thursday, 11 April 2013

CREATIVITY: Inspiring Words for Young Athletes

This motivational piece comes from the technical director of our Huronia District Soccer Association. It was written for our players to study, however, I think it could be adapted to inspire any person who is aiming to incorporate more fitness into their life:

C is for confidence, which is so important for success. Play without fear. Experiment. Try things. Do not worry about mistakes, everyone makes them, including adults.

R is for ready. Be ready for training and games. Be ready to work hard. Be ready to learn and be ready to ask questions.

E is for enjoyment. This is a big one. Play soccer with joy, with a smile. Have fun.

A is for attitude and aggression. A good attitude will be rewarded. Be aggressive in your actions. Determination is important.

T is for technique and time. The better you are with the ball, the better you will be as a player. Think about that next time you are in front of the television or computer screen.

I is for imagination. Use your imagination when you play. Make magic.

V is for vision. Keep your head up. Use your eyes. Look everywhere. See what's happening and move and react as required.

I is for intelligence. Use your brain when you play. Scan the whole field to see what is going on and to think about the game. Try to anticipate what opponents are going to do so you can intercept their passes and interrupt their plans.

T is for trying. You must never stop trying, never.

Y is for you. It is you who trains and plays, not your coach, not your parents. It is you who has to be allowed to make decisions and adjustments during a game. This is your time. These are your dreams. Be yourself.

As for the word CREATIVITY:

Canadian soccer needs creative players; individuals who can make a difference. Players who can come up with a solution when none seems possible. At the highest level of soccer, when all else is equal, it is an individual who can make the difference. No matter how solid the defence, a brilliant piece of magic can open it up. No matter what the obstacle, an individual can be creative enough to remove it. YOU can be that player.

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