Friday, 26 April 2013

Hills, Rain, 2 Girls and a Crazy Woman

Oh the joys of living in the country in a forest. Internet connection issues for the past three days. Writing from the iPad right now, which taps into 3G most of the time because it can't seem to work off of our Wi-Fi. So this post will be brief.

Met Con "Team in Training" Update:
So as part of their efforts to ready their young bods for the upcoming mud run, my daughter and her friend decided to go for a training run last night, "rain or shine." I said I would go too, because quite frankly, as much as I have been consistent with all kinds of other workouts, I really need to get more runs in again.

So of course there was no "shine" to be had last evening, and in keeping with the crappiest April weather we have seen around here for a long time, the temp hovered at 6C and yes, it started to rain. At least it didn't snow and hail like the night before. I really did not relish going out in the rain, but part of me chastised myself, saying, "What are you girl? Some kind of FAIR WEATHER RUNNER?" The girls were committed, and therefore so was I.

We drove to the hill instead of running to it. I wimped out with that part. I just wanted to be able to see my car should we get stuck in a hail storm or something. Plus I was a little sore and achy from spin and core class that morning.

We started up the hill, which isn't too terribly steep but is still a good challenge if you repeat it a few times. We ran up once. I felt ok, and the girls kept up. I used some of Coach Ann's motivational words, "Don't stop until you get to the top! Power through! "

"How many of these are we doing?" came the question from the girls.

"As many as you want." (We had to pick up the young son from tae kwon do in 45 minutes, which was ample time, I figured, to do a few repeats).  During the second climb, I heard a bit of "Aaagghhhs" from my daughter, to which I responded the same mantra, "Power through, power through!"

After I passed them on their descent from the second hill and my ascent to the third hill, I asked, rather chipper at this point as the rain was starting to feel nice and cooling, "What do you guys think? One more hill after this?"

"NO!?!" came the unified response.

When they descended the third hill, we ran a loop around a little street before heading back to the car, with just a little complaining from my daughter. But they did it!

When we got back to the car, I was oblivious to the rain and feeling like a little Jack Russell Terrier ready to sprint.  "How about one more hill?" I announced to my teenaged team-mates.

They looked at me like I had completely lost it. "What IS this?" my daughter's friend exclaimed, thinking, I guess, this was beginning to look suspiciously like boot camp (Granted,, she did some kind of extreme physical fitness test in phys-Ed class that day and got top marks, so she was done. Plus she was wearing a frigging cotton hoodie. Note to self: her birthday is coming up. Buy the poor child a rain jacket, or at least a dollar store rain poncho!)

 "You can one more hill, we'll wait in the car!" replied my daughter.

So I did. And they did. and then we all went for tea. Not a bad start to training! Not bad for a 49 year old runner chick either! (Although I am still looking forward to fair weather.)

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