Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Fun With 50


That is my husband's age as of today. Whoa. I still remember when my dad turned 50. I am still young. (Not half a century for another nine months).

In keeping with the fitness theme, and rather enjoying what comes up when I Google very specific things, I decided to look up "Fitness vacations for 50 year olds." Not that my husband would want to go on a vacation that involves working out. I just wondered what was out there for someone who was 50, who would. The results were interesting, and more than once, hit my funny bone. Here is the first page of results:

What One Gets When One Googles "Fitness Vacations for 50 Year Olds"
  1. Go On Fitness Vacations - Exercise, Lose, Relax.
  2. Voted #1 Fat Camp - oceanfront weight loss retreat.
  3. Destination Detox
  4. Adventure Travel - World Class Adventure Travel for People Over 50.
  5. Are You Built Like a 50-Year-Old? (Maybe You Should Be)
  6. Stand Up With No Hands To Live Longer - Daily Mail
  7. Getting Fit/How to Get Fit, Fitness at 40, Fitness at 50.
  8. Bodybuilding.com - Strength-training Success for a Middle Aged Guy!
  9. Huff/Post 50 - Life Begins at 50
  10. Older Runners/Running for Fitness
  11. Personal Training, Fitness Boot Camp, Fitness Retreats
  12. Fun for the 30 - 50 Year Old Set!
  13. The Crystal Cruise Ship Company (mostly older couples, 50+ years...)

So if you put it all together, at 50, you can go to a fat camp at the oceanfront, lose some weight, shuffle yourself off to detox, and then go on an adventure. When you get home you can work out until you look your age, incorporate some standing-with-no-hands to ensure you will live even longer, while reading up on 'how to get fit at 50', which will inevitably include strength training. By then you will look so incredibly buff you will start telling all your young, admiring friends that life really does begin at 50, and you will start running, which will lead to a gym membership. At the gym you will fall in love with boot camp which will lead you to go on a fitness retreat where there will be LOTS of fun for the 30 to 50 year old set (nudge nudge, wink wink). You will have had so much fun doing all of this that you will immediately book your trip with the Crystal Cruise Ship Company, and dance the nights away with all your new friends you met at the previous fitness retreat. Wow! Life really does begin at 50!

Happy 50th birthday to everyone who is lucky, fit and healthy enough to have achieved this great age! I can hardly wait!

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