Monday, 4 March 2013

What's Your Fitness Passion?

"It's not who you are that holds you back, it's who you think you're not."
(love this quote from an ad for the Scotiabank Calgary Marathon)

I could blog every day about running because that is my fitness passion. But it's not for everyone. I am more adventurous now than I was in my 20s or 30s when it comes to trying new workouts. I am still very cautious and slow (join me on a trail "race" where I am usually at the tail end of my age group!) but with enough persuasion I'll give a new adventure a shot. What is your favourite physical activity? Is it something new or have you been doing it since you were little? Who introduced you to it? Have you recently tried a physical activity you never thought you would be able to accomplish "in a million years"? I would love to hear your stories and if you live in or near Simcoe County, Ontario, please share any links to great local studios or places of adventure!

My "Pushing Age 50" Activities List So Far... 
(You're never too old to start something new!) 
  1. Running long distances (great to group train, meet new friends)
  2. Trail running (slow down and enjoy the beautiful scenery!)
  3. Spin classes (great cardio workout)
  4. TRX strength training (hello muscle definition)
  5. Core & circuit training (so beneficial for all kinds of activities.)
  6. Yoga (Need to do much, much more. It's so beneficial.)
  7. Zip lining (If I can do this, anyone can.)
  8. Hiking (ok started this one earlier - easy and fun to do with the kids!)
  9. Kayaking (great family activity and peaceful.)
  10. Boot camp (for overall strength and endurance)

Activities I May Be Persuaded to Try This Year:

  1. MET CON BLUE Mountain Adventure Race (
  2. A second marathon
  3. Cycling outdoors
  4. A cancer walk
  5. Cooking better, more nutritious meals

Thanks to the Experts:

Thrive Fitness, Alliston, ON, for TRX, spin, core, yoga, run clinics, workshops and their growing list of great services for clients (
5 Peaks Trail Running Series, Southern Ontario (
Bikram Yoga, Barrie (
Christine Felstead's "Yoga for Runners" DVD series (purchased at Running Free, Barrie, 520 Bryne Drive or check out for more about Christine Felstead.).
Scenic Caves Nature Adventures - Eco Adventure Tours, Collingwood, ON (
Get Out There magazine (, free at running/outdoor adventure stores and also offers a free digital subscription. Latest issue lists Canada-wide races and events.

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