Sunday, 31 March 2013

Mud Run Fashion (Non) Sense

AKA "How to Look Your Absolute Dirtiest"

(My daughter's line. Good one!)

Happy Easter! (Last day for early bird registration for Met Con Blue Mountain Adventure Race! )

Very excited to be registered for Met Con Blue Mountain Adventure Race! Especially thrilled that my daughter has decided to try it too. What better way to celebrate high school graduation and university acceptance, right? Also thrilled to have my friends Dawn and Janate on the team. Will continue to nag more friends. Janate did it last year and she has great upper body strength, plus she's a nurse so I figure that's win-win, since she can administer CPR to us after she lifts us over the mud wall. And Dawn is an exceptionally creative and skilled clothing designer so maybe we should make race day apparel? We could call it Mudwear. Maybe a mud shop already exists, I don't know.

That got me thinking of items in my extensive running wear wardrobe that would be inappropriate for a mud run/obstacle course and stuff that might fit the bill. Because it's Easter and I'm feeling lazy after my glass of Chianti, I decided to take pictures of these items and comment on them. All for fun, yes, but being an avid shopper of sportswear, I am still curious about the market for adventure race gear. (Yet another blog post I probably should not let my better half read...ha ha).

A Newb's Guide to Inappropriate and Potentially Appropriate Clothing for a Mud Run
(AKA Why even take advice from me. Wait 'til after June 15.)

These Margarita Activewear pants would be great for post-run dancing though!
My pink Skirt Sports running dress and new Merrells? Not a chance.
My black Skirt Sports running dress and crappy worn out shoes = a good possibility.
This aswesome Asics outfit gives the appearance of already having been in a mud run but it's actually brand new. (Got it at The Running Room in Barrie. Or check The problem for a newbie like me, is that I will be too camoflauged from the get-go and can imagine lying in a pool of mud, undetected as my team-mates decide, in frustration, to move on without me. Bottom line though, it's brand new.
Ha Ha Ha! Still trying to find an appropriate use for these in my life. What was I thinking??

White would be good if you hated your shirt I guess, but I still like these.
BTW Summer Solstice Run in Alliston, ON (June 18, 2013 and
Base Borden Run (Oct. 20, 2013. are great events.

This looks like the most sensible choice - black on black with old crappy shoes.
But really, what the hell is sensible about a race that involves mud, fire, ice water & barbed wire?
Which makes me think the pink dress might just be the winner.

Anyway, lots of time to quiz veteran insane adventure race types and test drive the durability of some tech wear on my exceptionally muddy country road.
Fun Fun Fun!

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  1. Very nice details about Mud Run Fashion. These apparels are so fun but you are right that most of them don’t make any sense. I need the Tank Top and if it is available in that pink pattern, I would love to buy that because the color is awesome so as the design for my girlish kind of choices.