Friday, 22 March 2013

2 More Sleeps...

Two more sleeps 'til Around the Bay!

Already didn't sleep well last night, but that's normal, I know. Drove to Hamilton today with my friend Janate to pick up our race kits and shop the vendors. Here are some highlights:

Love the colour of the ladies' tech shirt by New Balance!

Copps Coliseum: Calm before the Storm of Runners!
(taken with really crappy flash)

Great variety of running gear on sale and the vendor booths. We noticed only one running shoe booth, but weren't looking for shoes so may have missed another one. Lots of great sports gear and clothing from base layer all the way to the final touches, including water bottle packs and ear buds. 

Below are some of the booths we shopped/browsed (lots others we would have checked out, but ran out of time, pardon the pun. Took too much time with bra fittings!)

The Runners Shop - They have a huge collection of great quality run bras on sale. Expert staff to help you find the proper fit. I bought one (Moving Comfort label) and Janate bought two. Also got a nice yoga style tank/dress for $30.

Running Free - Got some compression clothing there at great sale prices (Skins top, above). Again, good advice from sales staff.  Not sure if I'm ready to don compression tights, but am going to give them a try for a couple of hours and see if I can still breathe. If not, we can return them to the nearest store. (Update: Compression tights take a while to get on, may have to set alarm half an hour earlier (!) but so far feel pretty good.)

Robena - Ladies in the race, you have to check out the Robena booth! Everything is 50% off as the owner is closing her business. Great colourful arm warmers (pictured right), cute little arm warmer shrugs called "Yarms," sleeveless run tops, tons of matching $5 head bands and more.

RunGirlRun - Really cute stuff, couldn't decide what to buy there but here's there web site:

One More Mile - Booth has hilarious slogans on shirts, hats, arm warmers and more. (Wish it said "One More Kilometre" for us Canadians, but can't argue with the prices.) I bought the arm warmers there, pictured above, then realized that particular slogan would make more sense on a t-shirt....(Headband: Robena booth; Compression socks: Running Free)

Also TONS of booths advertising races in Canada and U.S. Lots of hand-outs.
We could have easily spent hours there today but had to get home by 5. It may have been downright dangerous to our bank accounts if we were staying at the Sheraton next door! Anyway, if you're going, vendors are open from 9 to 5 on Saturday and that's it.

Gotta sign off now. Did my "carbo loading" at dinnertime. Lots of pasta (two nights before the race, that's when you should load up on the carbs. I remember this advice drilled into our heads by Ann, our run coach extraordinaire!) Need an epsom salt bath. Muscles felt a little tense just walking around today! Geez! I am not panicking. I am not panicking...time for a (small) glass of wine...

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