Thursday, 14 March 2013

Inspiring People

I visited a muay thai class today. Visited, being the key word. My self-assigned mission was to take photos in preparation for a feature story on a friend, which I will post in the next few days. She is a very inspiring person. That got me to thinking about the people who inspire me - not famous people - just the people in my day to day life. And to give it some focus, seeing as "fitness" is the theme for this blog, I decided to see how many people I could list who inspire me to keep moving along life's path in the healthiest, fittest way I can. Guaranteed I will think of more people as soon as I press "post."

Family Members Who Inspire:

  • My dad, who, at 73, gets up every morning and does a gazillion sit ups and push-ups and is careful about what he eats. (And who, after surgery for melanoma when I was a teenager, got up out of his hospital bed as soon as he was able and went for walks up and down the hospital hallway and stayed positive all the time.)
  • My mom, who passed away in 2009 from cancer, but who was always strong, not because she had an exercise regime per se, but because, in her quest to get our house looking just right, never thought twice about moving heavy furniture around by herself. I really don't know how she did it!
  • Gillian, who exercises regularly like my dad, and who always has a positive, adventurous outlook.
  • My brother and his wife - I don't know if they still play Ultimate Frisbee, but that looks like such a great sport.
  • My daughter, for her dedication to highland dance since age three, her stubborn determination to try to love running, and who is about to embark on her university journey this fall.
  • My sons, the older one being more dedicated to his university studies now (exercising his mind) and the younger with his goal of becoming a professional soccer player.
  • My husband, for helping coach soccer and who promises to get back into a fitness routine soon.
  • My sister-in-law Mandy, a new mom and former cyclist on the Canadian National Team.
  • My aunts, who have had to deal with health issues and keep active and positive, and who have always been amazing cooks.

Friends & Acquaintances Who Inspire:
  • Janette, who successfully manages manic depression through running, cycling and visiting the gym regularly AND who is back in action again after breaking her leg a year ago.
  • Ann, a personal trainer and gym co-owner who always has a smile on her face and a positive attitude.
  • Janate, a night shift nurse and mom of four, who makes time to train for long distance running events.
  • Ang and Pam, who got me interested in running in the first place, and who are committed to regular workout routines.
  • Dawn, who is game to try any sport before deciding whether or not she likes it.
  • Mary, who teaches elementary school students during the day, and for 10 years taught highland dance at night, and ran in her spare time, while raising three children.
  • Heather, who is bound and determined to work through a knee injury and get back on track with her running again, even if it means starting from the beginning.
  • Alison, a running pal who is going through chemo and who started to give the treadmill a go again.
  • Mhairi, a running friend who is extremely dedicated and who will happily slow down and run by your side if you are falling behind.
  • Teri, who will get up extra early to do a training run so she can get to work on time.
  • Maggie, a new mom, who, if she isn't teaching dancing, is dancing.
  • Janis, who wrote about roller derby one day and then joined the team.
  • Meg, who read Janis's article and was inspired to join the same roller derby team.
  • Marianne, who as a young mom, managed to work as a nurse, raise three children, teach downhill skiing on weekends and then go on to become a nurse practitioner.
  • Mel, a mom of three young children and muay thai champ, who is one of the most focused, toughest, female athletes I have seen.
  • Carol, who recently competed in an international cross country skiing competition.
  • Leeanne, whose goal is to be as fit as she can by the time she turns 50 next year (she has lost 25 pounds and works out five days a week).
  • Anyone who challenges themselves to try a new activity, especially if they don't think they can do it.

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