Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Race Medal Madness

My custom tank, front and back, displays nearly 30 race medals.
Several posts ago I asked the question, "What to do with all these race medals?"

And then I hung them on tree branches and took artsy photos of them. That was funny and interesting. But afterwards, they all went back into the closet.

Until last month. That's when I stumbled upon a web site that offers design templates that allow you to place an all-over print onto clothing.

"Wow!" I thought. "Now I can wear all my medals at once and show people what an awesome middle=aged recreational athlete I am!"

The photo I uploaded to make the shirt.
The site is called Artscow
Basically you snap a good photo, upload it to the site, chose the clothing item and size you want (Whatever your size, I would recommend ordering at least one size larger. I am usually a small or x-small but I order a medium from this site). Then you simply manipulate the size and positioning of the photo  and voila! Done. The price was under $20 USD for this tank top, although shipping was almost the same price, as the goods come from Hong Kong. Luckily, the company seems to consistently offer decent discounts.

Maybe there are more sites like this closer to home (I would love to find a Canadian-based manufacturer) but this one is simple and easy to use, and the colour quality, so far, has been excellent. I've "designed" leggings and a lot of great items from my older kids' exceptional artwork.

#designideas #racemedals


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