Friday, 29 January 2016

50+, Still at it, New Blog!

It's Been a Long Time...

Still at it: a little running, a lot of strength training. Feels great to challenge those muscles, especially when one is slightly over half-a-century old and metabolism needs a boost!  Signed up at 5 Peaks for the 2016 trail running series, and hopefully adding a half marathon into the mix for this spring and fall.

As lonnnngggg stretched-out paragraphs of fitness blog writing have not been part of my ritual for some time (I will not bore you with the whys, suffice to say, life gets busy, interests shift and change), I have created a new blog. It's simple, all about finding happiness in everyday life. There's enough negativity floating around out there, right? There won't be any "how-tos" necessarily, but rather small, thoughtful (probably funny at times), doses of personal cheer, that keep my heart smiling, and might inspire you to discover or re-connect with your own happy thoughts. Fitness will no doubt creep into the mix, as it does keep my body and mind happy.

Take a visit on your coffee, tea or lemon water break to The Happy Daily Read.

And have a happy day!

Update: It's April 15, 2016. After about 30 days The Happy Daily Read turned into a chore. Trying to write happy on a daily basis made me unhappy and a little cranky. So the blog title much more suited to my ever-changing interests is now known as The Chameleon's Desk. A mix of thoughtful writing, creative writing, fitness adventures and photography. More me. Guaranteed not to be daily!

Now go and have a happy day.

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