Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Still Running….

Started posting running progress with National Post's EachCoach.com. Got published for my little 25K blurb last week. This is a great little motivator! They send you encouraging emails every week with an option to give them another update towards your goal(s). 

Ran 27K last Saturday with five crazy running besties.  Hit a wall of winter wind and hail a couple of times as winter and spring battle it out for their respective positions in this fickle month of March. My friend Heather and I, in-between gulping blasts of cold air, joked how we will tell the story of our training runs when we are old (and hopefully still running) women:

"Remember that day when we ran against hurricane force wind gusts and needle-like hail pellets? And the rabid, gnarly, crazed German Shepherd dogs snapping their drooling vampire jaws close at our heels, remember? That was AWESOME! We are AWESOME!"

Anyway, onward and onward again! Two more weeks before 30K Around the Bay! Hopefully it won't be a frozen solid, blizzard-blasted bay. But if it is, I can hear the future story already:

"It was a vicious, cold-beyond-cold, polar vortex day from hell, if you can imagine the fires of hell frozen stiff beyond your wildest ideas of what frozen stiff could possibly feel like. We ran 30K that day, by gosh, because, well, we signed up for it and paid for it, goddammit. We had NO CHOICE!"

Loving the insanity.

Speaking of which, trying a new cross-training routine this Friday night: pole dancing. Don't ask. OK you can ask: It's a fund raising event for Down Syndrome Awareness Day. Gonna be a blast! Can't wait. Wearing the stretchy pants. There is insanity to be had with cross-training too! 

As my kids say, YOLO, right?
(You Only Live Once)

It's alphabetical. I am above George Poitras. No relation, at least I don't think...

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