Friday, 14 June 2013

Mud Run Fashion Update

Very excited for tomorrow's MET CON BLUE mud run. So excited, in fact, that I shopped for white tank tops for the entire team. Cheap white tank tops. Found some for $2 at the trusty local "GT Boutique." 

And then it started getting a bit ridiculous. I would just like to point out that I am not the only one on my team fretting about the fashion statement for this roll in the muck. Three, count it, THREE, of us were texting back and forth earlier today, discussing our unified "look." There are nine people of all ages, shapes and sizes on our team. I am probably the oldest, then the ages go down from there, to mid-forties, twenties, and teens.

So I'm not sure what the boys are wearing aside from the white shirts, but I have a feeling we girls are going to be sporting some lovely pink attire. Cheap pink attire. I found a running skirt for a great price that I actually hope will wash well afterwards, 'cause it's kinda cute. I texted Janate about it and I think she went and bought the same one. My daughter and her friend have these hot pink long spandex shorts, and my friend Dawn, who can get extremely creative with costumes and often at the last minute (she is an awesome seamstress who can make anything) has some kind of get-up in mind that, she says, she is not yet sure if she is "brave enough" to wear. Hmmmm. Come on Dawn, JUST DO IT! And the "piece de resistance" is the neoprene fingerless grippy gloves I bought at MEC. Now those cost a bit more, but I figure they are tough and can stand some future abuse as well, in the gym or out kayaking or something. 

I suppose I should take a pic of the outfits before they get superbly trashed. So here's the squeaky clean gear so far:

Team costumes, pre mud-run! Soooo pretty, right? Then we'll do a TIDE commercial or something...

Hopefully many more pre and post-race pics to come. And I do believe Janate will be sporting a GoPro cam. Fun fun fun! Bring it on, Met Con!

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