Thursday, 23 May 2013

New Photo Section & Make-up Workout

Added a new page today that will be exclusively devoted to my photography passion. Drawback of living in the country with a less-than-stellar internet connection meant it took most of the day to upload the pics, but they're up now, at least the first bunch, taken last month of our flash ice storm. A benefit of living in the country: fantastic photo opportunities on bad weather days.

No workouts to report today. May go to a core strength class tomorrow morning for an hour, then tomorrow night a few of us soccer moms are starting a new Friday night run routine, while the boys practise on the field. I am hoping most people will be okay with a couple of kilometres because I just checked what time the 5 Peaks trail race begins on Saturday. Registration is 7:30 a.m. and race starts at 9:15. Basically have to leave around 7 a.m. While I am not a morning person, I can force myself to be, to get to a race on time.

In-between morning workout class tomorrow and evening "run clinic" I will be playing cabbie for my daughter, who will be getting ready for prom! Hair appointment in the afternoon, then home makeup session, dress-up and photos (my favourite part). If I repeat the "candid photo session" I cheerily undertook with my first born son and his prom date/friends four years ago, my daughter and her date/friends should be sufficiently sick of me and my camera in no time at all! I am so looking forward to it! We practised the make-up ritual this evening. What a workout that was! Apparently the look I gave her was "too dark" around the eyes, but I thought it looked very lovely and dramatic, for a first go at it anyway. It maybe needed a little more blending, but not bad. I would post a picture of her eyes but she'd probably have a meltdown. (Note to Self: Do NOT under any circumstances, offer to apply daughter's makeup on her wedding day! Oh, the drama!) 

Oh what the heck. She never reads this blog anyway and it's just her eye for crying out loud. So here it is, the trial pre-prom "dramatic eye effect." (my words, not hers) :

Yes, a little more blending with the liner needed.
At least we won't have to do this for the mud run next month.

I was almost thinking of skipping tomorrow morning's core strength session, but on second thought, with all the prom stress, I think I will need the relief of a workout! 

Please check out my photos if you have a chance. I have thousands more that I've taken over the years and hope to add to the new page regularly. I used to write/photograph for a local country magazine which is no longer published, and I miss showing my pics. So this is one way to get them out there.

Next blog post will likely be after the trail run (and the prom makeup trial run. Ha ha.) Looking forward to it! Hopefully the sun will be shining again.

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